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What is Rafaa?

Rafaa  is a specialized mixture of live probiotics (good bacteria) and organic acids that our body desperately need on a daily basis to keep itself healthy and energized. Rafaa  is specifically designed to help strengthen your immune system and regulate the pH balance in your body.

Your health (immune system) and energy levels directly correlate with how many good bacteria reside in your digestive tract. Estimates of over 400 different types of good bacteria in our stomach are responsible for the digesting of foods and the manufacturing of various vitamin B’s, which sustains us with energy.

We are supposed to naturally consume probiotics and organic acids within our daily diets, but due to the fact that most of our foods are treated for pests and insects, these good qualities in food have slowly faded away. Due to all the chemical toxins found in food, our bodies are unconsciously, slowly being poisoned. This causes the good bacteria in your stomach to die, which weakens your immune system, causing various health issues like infections and the flu.

Stress, bad eating habits and toxins in the body are some of the main reasons why the good bacteria in your system die. This causes an increase of bad bacteria and parasites to reside in your system, which can cause numerous health issues like constipation, tiredness, Arthritis, depression, muscle and headaches, etc.

Rafaa is specifically formulated to help address these issues and gets to work immediately in the body after consumption due to the fact that the probiotics found in Rafaa are in a live form, prior to most other probiotics found in capsule (spore) form.

Some of Rafaa’s Qualities




Strong Antioxidant


Strengthens Immune System


Natural Energy Drink


Do I Need Rafaa?

  • Do you often get the flu or infections?
  • Are you currently using anti-biotics or used it recently?
  • Do you have skin problems or eczema?
  • Are you struggling with slow-healing wounds?
  • Do you have a spastic colon?
  • Are you constipated or have diarrhea?
  • Do you get heart burn or stomach cramps?
  • Are you struggling with muscle aches or spasms?
  • Do you have sore joints or arthritis?
  • Do you wake up tired in the mornings?
  • Do you have a constant craving for sweets or carbs?
  • Do you drink unfiltered tap water which contains chlorine and heavy metals?
  • Are you struggling with hormonal problems like menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding, endometriosis, or anything similar?

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