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Di is a highly qualified trainer, specializing in various training and fitness categories. 

Personal Training

Personal Training is given in the comfort of your own home, during times that suit you. Group sessions are available for Emfuleni Golf Estate Residents in the Main Hall.  Each training programme is worked out according to your needs, whether it is for weight loss, general fitness or intense athletic coaching.

Specialized eating plans

With my diploma in Health Nutrition, I can work out any meal plan, catering to your every need, whether you wish to get healthier, lose weight or follow a meal plan specified for your training regime.

Cycle Berries

Join us in our venture with Cycleberries, where we make cycling fun and safe for all!

Kids Coaching and training

With the Covid19 Pandemic that caused a country-wide lockdown, resulting in schools closing and kids being unable to take part in their after school sports, keeping your kids active and busy has become more of a challenge. I offer specialized training for your kids to get their fitness back on track and the childhood energy at bay. 

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage

I have qualifications in deep tissue massage and sports massage. Come and enjoy a free Cambucia while enjoying some well deserved relaxation after your busy exercise regime. 

Rafaa is a specialized mixture of live probiotics and organic acids that our body desperately need on a daily basis to keep itself healthy and energized. Rafaa may assist the body in regulating its ph balance, building the immune system and giving your body a natural detox

Online Fitness Programs

Due to the Covid19 Pandemic and the capacity regulations of gyms, we offer subscribed online classes that you can access from anywhwere and exercise when you want!



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